Sunday, 24 May 2015

Pier Roberto Bassi - Castel Mella, BS, Italy - 22.05.15 - CONTRAST n°28

Pier Roberto's contrast is the one between B&W and colors

Along with his contrast card and two bank notes, Pier Roberto sends two calls (cf. his websites and

From Paola Baldassini - Milano, Italy - 21.05.15 - CONTRAST n°27

From Françoise Chambier - Vévy, France - 20.05.15 - CONTRAST n°25

Françoise, lover of BEARS, sends a "bears contrast"

From Servane Morel - Brussels, Belgium - 20.05.15 - CONTRAST n°26

Servane presents her card as 
"a classical contrast!! Black and white with a touch of red!"

From Russell Manning - Dallas, TX, U.S. - 13.05.15 - CONTRAST n°24

From Karl Schreve - Ottenberg, Germany - 07.04.15 - CONTRAST n°14

From Roland Halbritter - Nüdlingen, Germany - 12.05.15 - CONTRAST n°23

Roland writes: "The contrast depends on you - how you will document it". 
At first, seeing the card, I noticed a contrast between the SILVER and the BLACK, and between the IMAGE IN THE MIRROR (on the card :) ) and the IMAGE I HAVE OF MYSELF (but that I also know from mirrors -and photos). Making a photo of the card, I now see a contrast between the RIGHT SIDE - and the LEFT SIDE OF THE SILVER IMAGE.

From Mzia Valerian - Mechelen, Belgium - 07.05.15 - CONTRAST n°22

From Lutz Beeke - Potsdam, Germany - 06.05.15 - CONTRAST n°21