Thursday, 9 April 2015

From Nula Horo aka Wolfgang Günther - Kassel, Germany - 09.04.15 - CONTRAST n°18

With an opening -"Saluton, Willemien"- and a closing greeting -"Ĉion bonan, amike"-
in Esperanto, Nula Horo,
aka Wolfgang Günther, sends me a "non-profit-poem with deadline", in German, for my CONTRAST(s)!

From Eni Ilis - Campinas, SP, Brazil - 07.04.15 - CONTRAST n°17

From Angela Behrendt - Hannover, Germany - 07.04.15 - CONTRAST n°15

From Tiziana Baracchi - Venezia-Mestre, Italy - 04.04.15 - CONTRAST n°13

Tiziana sent me a card with a CONTRASTI mail art that contains three apples (one -nearly- upside down) and a RED circle. 

In the envelope, I also found a ?lost? turquoise/green square: I thought it might be part of the CONTRASTI card: the turquoise/green square indeed forms a CONTRAST with the red circle. I asked Tiziana, but did not yet receive a reaction. Awaiting so, I added the turquoise/green square to the red apples and red circle card...